Posted on 11 Apr 14.


It's been awhile since I've written a blog post, due purely to the fact that I've had too many other things on my plate!

My last blog post was some time in November last year (time travels fast), and between then and now I've done/accomplished a lot of things which include:

  • Graduated from university (B Business)
  • Started my first "professional life" job
  • Learnt a great deal more about Ruby on Rails, Javascript, CSS and HTML (I'm like a wizard now haha)
  • Started a YouTube channel (although I've only posted one video, so I guess you could say this point doesn't really count)

All though I'm pretty happy with all that, there's still a lot that I'm hoping to achieve by the end of this year. I'm getting awefully close to completing 2 iOS/Android video games, 'Gary' (a platformer game like Mario) and 'Run Gary Run' (an arcade style game) - both of which I've posted on before.
These two titles have taken a slight back seat due the aforementioned commitments I've had, but I'm hoping to put more effort into finishing these titles and I really thing I might be getting close!

The image associated with this post is a preview of what I've done in 'Run Gary Run' since I last posted about it. I've added multiple tiers now, which I hope will make it more engaging for the user. I also redesigned some of the graphics, going for a more '3D' look. 

I'm also hoping to launch my Game and Development showcase/blog website soon too! So stay tuned for that...
There's also a couple of other interesting things in the pipeline I'm really excited for, but I guess you'll just have to wait to hear more on those things. :)

I'll try not to make the time between my next post too long!