Posted on 22 Jan 15.


Hi All,

I've recently been struggling quite a bit with Game Maker iOS releases in that I haven't been able to build due to Xcode complaining about a missing FacebookSDK.framework file (resulting in an Apple Mach-O Linker Warning).

I spent ages in the GMC forums trying to find a solution, but was unsuccessful. At first I thought the Game Maker iOS export function was bugged, and thus would have to wait for the next update to correct it. However other people appeared to be using v1.4.1474 without hassle, so I decided to investigate further...

Looking over the linked frameworks/library files in Xcode I noticed that Xcode could not find the FacebookSDK.framework file. Strange, so I opened the directory which held those files and surely enough I found a file called "".

Interesting, that looks just like what Xcode is complaining about not being able to find, maybe if I unzip it and get rid of the .zip extension it'll work? So I double clicked the file to unzip it and sure enough out popped a "FacebookSDK.framework" file. I dragged the newly created FacebookSDK.framework into Xcode (adding it with all the other frameworks in my project) and Xcode stopped complaining/producing the error. 

So naturally I tried rebuilding and deploying my project on my device and what do you know - everything works again!

The problem appeared to be that Game Maker Studio wasn't unzipping the FacebookSDK.framework and therefore Xcode couldn't find it. I haven't heard too many other people complain about it so it might just be a problem localised to me, but in the off chance it isn't, and you see this post, hopefully this can be of some help.

It looks like I'll be able to release Run Gary Run updates for iOS again - yay!


NB* In other news, iOS users can expect a Run Gary Run update in the coming weeks, screenshot attached :)